Thursday, February 04, 2010

The sad results of government education

Apparently, Carly Fiorina, who went to the government schools in Durham, North Carolina, has produced a campaign commercial which mutiliates both Aesop's fable of the wolf in sheep's clothing, as well as Matthew 7:15-20. If only she'd had the opportunity to actually read Aesop and the Scriptures in school, she might not have humiliated herself before the whole nation like this. Sadly, she went to a sub-par school for college as well and was not able to improve her literary and cultural knowledge.

Carly, if you or one of your campaign staffers are reading, here's a little help from Veritas Press. You can find Matthew 7:15-20 in the Bible in your hotel room, if they still do that in California.


pentamom said...

What form of education is responsible for how creepy the guy in the sheep suit looks? Or how boring the narrative was? Or how the music and the imagery clashed?

That commercial was bad on every level. Who even thought that was good enough to make?

Bike Bubba said...

The person who did this is the kind of person who could somehow get through Stanford (that subpar school, he hee) without ever becoming familiar with Aesop or the Bible, or worse yet thought he could improve on them.

Ironically, Fiorina's Stanford degree includes medieval literature. One would have thought that someone with such a degree would be able to tell a story, but apparently not.

pentamom said...

I highly doubt Carly Fiorina conceived and scripted that commercial. That she didn't call BS on it before it left her office is definitely to her discredit, but I don't think she sits around writing commercial scripts. She pays people to do things like that. The lousy story-telling and lousy everything else is someone else's fault -- the fact that we got to see it is hers.