Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Didn't read the story, I guess....

....a local church operates a "Hansel and Gretel" daycare, which would seem to indicate that the parents are just fine with the idea of leaving their children to fend for themselves in the woods, possibly falling into the hands of a cannibalistic witch. 

Either that, or they don't remember the story.   We'll see if there will be a "Cinderella's stepsisters Podiatry Clinic" in the near future here.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Talking to the wrong people

In today's society, it is regrettably common to see a young lady--even one of faith--wearing attire that doesn't leave a lot to the imagination.  One wonders how one can reach out to the young lady without getting a really nasty reaction.

Well, thanks to 4-H, I've got a possibility, and it doesn't involve saying a word beyond "Hello" or "How are you doing?" to the young lady in question.  You see, in 4-H, you meet not only the young ones, but also their parents, and I've noticed an interesting correlation.  If a young lady's clothes are revealing, so are her mother's.  So we would then have a talk with the mother, right?

Nope, think again.  Why does Mom dress that way?  Could be habit, or.....it could be that that's how she gets Dad's attention.  So what you might do, if you really want to help sisters in Christ be modest, is pray that you get a chance to talk with Dad.   If Mom and daughters get attention from Dad only when their bodice line goes down and their hemlines go up, guess where those lines will go?  If, on the other hand, Dad appreciates them with a little more coverage.....

......and quite frankly, Dad's probably concerned about what his daughters are wearing already, and might be glad to learn how he can be part of the solution without anyone ever catching on.  Unless they're one of my 12 readers, of course.  :^)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sisters and little brother

Daughter #4 climbed a bit higher in a tree today than she had counted on.  Here are the responses:

Sister #1:  OK, right foot down to that branch, good!

Sister #2:  Hang in there, Rachel.

Brother #1:  Let's cut it down with her in it!

Monday, May 14, 2012

There's a nice change.....

Looking through the job listings, I had a very pleasant experience today.  I saw a listing where I didn't just say "well I could do that job", or "I might be OK with that job", but rather "I want that job."  And another....hmmmmm....

Friday, May 11, 2012

Something new at blood drives....

The first question asked in the customary interrogation prior to giving blood last weekend was this:

Were you born male?

Apparently the FDA has decided to allow "transgender" people to donate blood, and thus to allow the one in 30,000 people claiming this to donate blood, they need to ask this obnoxiously hilarious question to every blood donor.

I'm guessing that "politics" has a little more to do with this one than "medicine" and "necessity to get enough blood." 

Thursday, May 10, 2012


On the final severance check I just received from my former employer is this quote:

Now that it is over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning?  Coleman Cox

Vox misses it this time.....

....in predicting that President Obama will leave Michelle because of the President's endorsement of gay "marriage."  Sorry, but even though Michelle isn't my type and hardly ranks up in the same league as Mrs. Bubba, I still think she outranks Joe Biden.  Sorry, Vox.

Seriously, given that the reason for government to be involved in marriage is to protect the "weaker vessels" (women and children) from what happens when the man of the house either dies or walks away, there will be Hell to pay if we completely ignore the fact that marriage is not about love or lust, but about protecting those left vulnerable by the process of childbearing.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Poor Julia

Apparently, one of President Obama's hit ads on Mitt Romney features a woman named Julia who could have her dreams shattered if......Romney succeeds in cutting the funding to the SBA by 20%.  OK, apart from whether it's true that Romney actually would do this--that's apparently something that the Obama team didn't bother to find out (yet another example of Obama's emulation of Clinton?)--there's the very real question of whether people are actually helped by SBA loans.

If you take a close look, the answer is probably "no," since SBA loans are only available to those who don't have access to ordinary loans.  In short, if Julia got an SBA loan, she was a poor credit risk with a poor business plan.  So what really happens when poor credit risk Julia gets her loan?

For starters, the default rate in 2009 was 12%, and worse yet, competition from those with poor credit will tend to push sound businesses into default as well.   So what's the Obama administration doing for Julia?

Pushing her into bankruptcy, of course.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Torah on Roger Clemens

Apparently, in a trial that I'm mostly ignoring, the testimony of one former baseball player is derailing the perjury trial of another.  The facts, as they are known; apparently Roger Clemens was called to testify before Congress about steroid use in the major leagues, and the prosecution alleges he lied about taking the drugs.

Fair enough; if we are to take the "American way" spoken of in Solzhenitsyn's Harvard Address, we look at the law--OK perjury is a felony--and we go with the law.  In doing so, we ignore basic questions of justice; who exactly was hurt if indeed Roger Clemens lied to Congress?  Moreover, given that politicians are not exactly known for their veracity, why isn't Congress being prosecuted for their lies, which can and do impact the rest of us to the tune of trillions of dollars of damage per year?

(apart from the obvious answer; Congress gives the Department of Justice their budget, duh)

What seems to be a fact is that the DOJ is--while ignoring open and shut cases like the Black Panthers voter intimidation case and huge issues like the BATFE's "Fast and Furious" debacle--pushing the limits of the Constitutional prohibition of double jeopardy in its prosecution of Clemens while ignoring all sense of proportion.  How to remedy the situation?

Well, ironically, let's turn to a higher law, the Torah, where Deuteronomy 19: 19 notes that the punishment for perjury is that the perjurer will suffer the consequence he thought to inflict upon his victim.  Let's apply this to the Clemens case.  If Clemens lied, what harm was inflicted?

OK, the public heard probably somewhat fewer lies that day from Congress than they would have ordinarily.  So by lying to Congress, Clemens gave us somewhat more truth than the public, and Congress, would ordinarily have had.

So here "Rabbi Bubba" will give his punishment for Mr. Clemens; he will have to listen to the truth for the length of his testimony to Congress.  That truth:  the designated hitter and night baseball are an abomination.  Go in peace, Roger, and enjoy your retirement.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Now that's different

I'm currently in the process for three jobs, and interestingly, I've been at least temporarily rejected for two of them.  I don't know what's up--whether it's that a favored candidate has bowed out, or whether a polite response to the rejection letter got me back into the mix, or what--but if you're out there looking for work, do keep in mind that it seems that these days a "rejection" isn't for good.