Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A radical change in dietetic advise?

Apparently, 38 years after Dr. Atkins shocked the nutritional world with the claim that a diet high in protein and fat leads to weight loss and better health, the world of diet, nutrition, and such is getting around to testing the hypotheses, and it does not appear that the standard hypothesis--that the way to lose weight and stay healthy is a high carbohydrate diet--is going to stand the test.

The new hypothesis; that carbohydrates and sugar tend to cause the body to store fat by disrupting the blod sugar and insulin balance. Now there may be any number of ways to do this--I would guess that fats and protein would have a part, as would fiber intake (fiber slows digestion, too) and probably other factors--numerous small meals wouldn't be a bad way evening out blood sugar and insulin production, as well.

If the hypothesis holds, we might find that (along with chocolate, coffee, blueberries, and other wonderful foods) the best way to control weight, heart disease, diabetes, and possibly even some kinds of cancer could be to start each day with a breakfast of steak and eggs.


K-Rod said...


And a side of bacon!

Gino said...

with grits!

Bike Bubba said...

Make sure it's cheese grits for satiation.....God is good in this, is He not?