Monday, February 15, 2010

Missing the point

Yesterday, the paper had an article about food companies working to put the flavenoid goodness of dark chocolate into a pill, evidently so people could get the health benefits of chocolate without actually needing to taste it.

Now I can understand why you would want to do this with cod liver oil in fish oil tablets, but chocolate? Do we really want to have people in positions of power, prestige, and authority who think that chocolate is best ingested in tasteless pill form? Shouldn't such people be kept away from polite society for their, and our, own good--together with the lunatics that gave us carob, TAB cola, pleather, light beer, oleomargarine, decaffeinated coffee, and soy "meat"?

I'm praying for a cure for the disorder that leads to people making these things, and claiming they're somehow equivalent to the real thing. Maybe someday, a cure will be found for an especially extreme version; the kind that argues that spouses fulfilling 1 Corinthians 7 responsibilities ought to involve latex.


Gino said...

this is a good rant.

but you left out light cigarettes.
now, aint that somnething?

Bike Bubba said...

I grew up with asthma and never smoked, so I'm clueless on that. Except for the guy by me at a parade last weekend (yes, some of the units were sleighs) smoking something closer to a cigar. That actually smalled OK, vs. what I smell when somebody has a standard cancer stick in their mouth.