Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Memo to the National Association of Gals

If you want to be taken seriously, maybe it's best not to make personal attacks on young men who have become famous in part for treating young women with respect. It's especially telling--and hilarious--how Mr. Tebow seems to be a lot more comfortable with his "lack of experience" than most reporters, and especially the NOW crowd, are.

Again, one would think that NOW would overcome differences over the issue of prenatal infanticide at least enough to commend a young man who has overcome the temptations of division 1 football stardom to treat women with respect and spend his off the field time helping others. I had thought that such issues were central to feminism.

Maybe not, eh? What is certain, however, is that these fish are intent on telling the world that they do, in fact, need a bicycle--apparently a steady stream of them, judging from their endorsement of prenatal infanticide. Hopefully some of them will listen to Florida's best quarterback on the best way to ride.


pentamom said...

They seem to have this weird idea that in a world of women willing to throw themselves at a guy like Tim Tebow, it's demeaning of him not to accept. He's not respecting the independence of their sexuality, but rather treating them patronizingly and chauvinistically.

I really think that's what it is. And in a way, it makes perfect sense. Once evil becomes good, it's only logical that good will be evil.

Gino said...

this is the first i read of tebow's chasity.
good for him.

very very good for him.
he's not only a stud athlete, he was blessed with greek-god style good looks,too.

some gal, on her wedding night, will see herself as the luckiest gal in the world.
and hopefully, he wll find one who is worthy.

Bike Bubba said...

Hopefully a great cyclist is going to get a great bicycle for a very long time. Agreed in toto, Gino.