Friday, December 12, 2008


Hugh Hewitt (or is that Hew Hughitt?) is making a big deal of something called "Twitter," and is suggesting that unless the GOP masters the use of this "crucial new technology," we're pretty much doomed. Kinda like his Ohio State Buckeyes when they go to Pasadena, I guess, or the Cleveland Indians just about any year, or the Browns just about any year.

Now while he may be correct about this, I weep for my country if he's right. Aren't we illiterate enough as a nation without coming to the point where we can't understand anything with more than 140 characters? So if you love your country, read some Russian novelists and make sure you cheer for the black and gold on December 28.

Or, as Hugh was told in the immortal movie in which he played "Ralphie,"

You want Twitter for Christmas? You'll put your eye out!

Or, for those of you already "twitter-pated"; remember lex scribendus nocturnus; the first part of "twitter" is "twit."


Gino said...

i dont even know what twitter is, although i hear it mentioned a lot.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Hugh Hewitt was Ralphie? Now that I never knew. But then, I've never listened to Hewitt nor seen his picture, to my knowledge or memory. Not that I'd recognize him this many years later anyway, never having sat all the way through "A Christmas Story" anyway. I'd have thought I'd have heard that bit of trivia before, though.

At any rate, I always feel kind of embarrassed when I see grown men fall all over themselves for the latest techo-fad this way. Maybe it has value; I don't know. I know I've avoided using it as it seems kind of silly to me. The people who WANT to know what I'm thinking or doing every hour or so already know. Those who don't know what I'm doing every minute because they're not affected by what I'm doing every minute -- why would I think they'd WANT to know? And what kind of society requires that kind of continuous access to the doings (even the public doings) of its politicians? Just do your jobs and vote honestly, for crying out loud!

W.B. Picklesworth said...

I've tried twitter.
It's not a winner.
Fun as paint thinner
And picking up litter.

Anonymous said...

Pentamom - Hugh Hewitt didn't really play Ralphie, he just looks as if he could have.

Anonymous said...

Cyclos Bubbus.

Anonymous said...

Ah, gracias, escribo de noche.

Mr. D said...

While I can think of plenty of people who ought to be limited to 140 characters, it's not a good way to communicate.

Bike Bubba said...

On the bright side, if Obama was subjected to Twitter, his handlers could edit out all the "um"s that he puts into his speech whenever he doesn't have a teleprompter.

And sometimes when he does.

Also ironically, I don't think you could put his real name on Twitter---Barack Hussein Daley Ayers Rezko Khalidi Jackson Blagojevich Wright Pfleger Obama, of course.

Bike Bubba said...

I like that...."cyclus bubbus..."...better check it for inadvertent OTHER meanings, though. :^)

And yes, Hewitt did not actually play that part. He just looks like Ralphie--and is actually about 20 years too old to have played that part.

Anonymous said...

Unintended messages/meanings/consequences are the most fun!