Monday, December 01, 2008

A breathtaking lie

Ron Gettelfinger of the UAW tells the world that his union's labor contracts are cost competitive. Now while I realize that autoworkers and their union bosses are not exactly hired on the basis of their math skills, even Gettelfinger ought to be able to figure out that when his union requires 20% more hours to build a car and earns 15% more in base pay per hour, not to mention an additional $20/hour in burden costs due to pensions and medical care for retirees, his union's product is not cost competitive with the labor employed by Toyota, Honda, BMW, and others in this country.

His lie is almost as bad as the fiction that loaning the Detroit 3 billions of dollars is going to somehow fundamentally change their business from fundamentally unsound to fundamentally sound. It seems that we've forgotten Exodus 20:16 just at the time we need honest witness the most.

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Douglas Hester said...

What fantasy land is he living in?