Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not just awful pizza anymore!

Evidently, the new hot spot for assault and disturbances is Chuck E. Cheese's. "Come to watch your kids run amuck while eating gosh-awful pizza, leave with a black eye or a court date."


Jim Peet said...

I haven't been in a Chuck E Cheese since Gunman Kills 4 Workers at Colorado Restaurant

We were (then living in Colorado) at this location for one of my kids B/D parties.

Anonymous said...

It's amok. If I can spread the good news of getting aphorisms right to one more person today, I'll have accomplished something other than working out my minivan's odometer.

I couldn't stand that place before anyway. After attending a 5th birthday party to which my oldest was invited, I vowed I would never spend time there again. The only reason I ever enter it is to drop kids off for well-supervised birthday parties to which they were invited, and pick them up again. And my youngest is nearing the age where that won't be the place of choice anymore. Hooray!

Bike Bubba said...

My dictionary lists both; using "amuck" as the usual spelling (and the one with the longer definition). "Amok" just points to "amuck."

That said, the definition lists the Malay root as "amok," but then, the "phonics values" of Malay script (historically much like Arabic) can't be said to directly transliterate.

Either way, we can agree that the full definition ("crazed with murderous frenzy") probably applies too well to Chuck E. Cheese's.