Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another way to marital "bliss" and Wednesday FAIL

Apparently, Drew Peterson (married four times, suspected in the deaths of at least two of his wives) has found another fiance. Now I realize that sometimes women want a man who is a little bit dangerous (and not a "Nancy boy" too common these days), but a guy credibly suspected of two murders?

And another epic "FAIL"; a couple in Pennsylvania is appalled that a store wouldn't put their son's name on his birthday cake. Dumb me, I thought that it was cruel for parents to give their kids a name like "Elvis", and here these rocket scientists name their bundle of joy after Schicklgruber.

It's almost as dumb as zero interest rate policy. Thanks, Ben.


Anonymous said...

HEY! That's the OPPOSITE end of the STATE! I have NO CONNECTION to those people!

/mock indignation

Actually, I grew up 25 miles from there, hubby went to college in Easton and we lived there for 1-1/2 years after our marriage...BUT STILL!!!! ;-)

I think Shop-Rite was kinda dumb -- there's no moral quality to writing a kid's name on a birthday cake, even if it's appalling that the kid has that name. But the parents are total, flaming idiots. I don't believe for ONE SECOND that they can't grasp why people have a problem with their naming their kid that. They both of them apparently missed several spankings between their second and fourth birthdays, that would have taught them that the world does not get remade in their image.

Although in Shop-Rite's defense, they likely believed that the request was some kind of cruel stunt, rather than the actual naming of the child having been a cruel stunt.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and, I know I don't have to tell you this, but Easton is hardly a hotbed of Neo-Naziism. It has its dysfunctional freaks like every other city (and most small towns) but this isn't characteristic.

As for Drew Peterson, I think you pointed out the problem, maybe without realizing it -- the opposite of Nancy-boy is not dangerous and possibly untrustworthy. But way, WAY too many young women think it is, hence rampant physical abuse side by side with real men being hard to find.

Bike Bubba said...

I actually think that maybe Shop-Rite's refusal could have been the "spanking" these "parents" needed, if only the reporter had included some kind of comment about "what kind of MORON would name their child after one of the world's worst mass murderers?"

And on the "Nancy boy" thing; yup. Real men are dangerous in a good way, and unfortunately too many young ladies confuse merely "dangerous" with "manly," and suffer the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but it's 30 years too late, now. As I know you know, the idea that we need to deal with things when our kids are young isn't just something we say to make ourselves feel good. No amount of public humiliation is going to "correct" 35 year olds who have been firmly convinced for three decades that it's the public that has the problem. These are the kind of people that armchair psychologists would call total narcissists.

Bike Bubba said...

You've got a good point--trying to help someone understand they've got "Shinola confusion syndrome" when they are an adult often seems to be as much a ministry of the Holy Spirit as it is a matter of persuasion, logic, and rhetoric.

Even so, I hold out hope in various cases.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hold out hope, but ONLY through a particular ministry of the Spirit. Obviously all conversion always boils down to that, but I'm not trying to make a holier than thou point -- I have my doubts that public humiliation works even for behavior mod in such extreme cases. The only thing that would even make these people LOOK different or respond differently, leave completely alone genuinely change, is supernatural activity. IMO.