Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A touch about stewardship

I thought about my friend Jim's recent comments on stewardship this morning while I got dressed.  Why? 

Well, the Dockers I bought a few months ago are already developing a hole.  The seven year old wool slacks I put on after asking my dear sweet wife to patch the Dockers?  Just fine.  So what was cheaper--Dockers for $50, or the wool slacks for over $100?  I'm going with the wool, and they look a lot better, too.

Now of course, you could get something out of polyester for even less than cotton, but that said, when you buy polyester, well, you get polyester.  Ick.  OK, actually there are some decent things out there in polyester, but still, it's not natural fibers!  The good and the bad of polyester is exactly the same; it lasts just about forever.

Also, a hint for any southern readers who may periodically have a need for warmth in the winter; a windbreaker or rain jacket over a good sweater is just about as good as a light to medium weight winter coat.  I've used a heavy sweater and windbreaker for going around at about zero.  Add a hat and  a pair of cotton work gloves, and you're good to go--and apart from the hat, you've probably already got all of this.

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