Friday, December 03, 2010

Stupid me, and yes, OSHA is out of control

After getting a paper cut today lifting cardboard boxes, I was (foolishly)  honest enough to ask our site's safety coordinator whether I needed to report it.  I expected a form with name, phone #, and nature/time of the incident.

Nope.  Full OSHA form and a workman's comp form, all for a paper cut.  On the bright side, the shot of morphine that they gave me made the forms a lot more fun to fill out.  (j/k)

Maybe I'll call in sick on Monday for the paper cut..... :^)


Gino said...

i work in corrugator plant.
i can show you paper cuts that look like razor cuts.
and razor cuts thats look like ginsus.

since the razor blade is a corrugator's best friend, we use them a lot.

we dont report any cuts unless they are stitch worthy.

Palm boy said...

Your supervisor apparently has no sense of humor.

Bike Bubba said...

Oh, he does, as he laughed at me heartily for reporting it to the safety manager.