Tuesday, December 21, 2010

START treaty ratification imminent,

....and it raises some interesting questions.  First of all, why couldn't five Senators--all Republicans apparently--be bothered to attend the cloture vote?  It's not as if this treaty could set, or shut down, the stage to World War Three, after all.  Oh, wait; it will.

More interestingly, exactly what did President Obama do to get those ten votes?  Again, given the stakes of nuclear armaments, the persuasion had better be pretty good.  If it's simply pork barrel spending or something, we have some Senators we need to remove--perhaps 67 of them. 

Yes, 67.  A treaty this darned important deserves full consideration, and the fact that the President chose to use the lame duck session for it indicates that he's not going to give arguably the most important treaty the Senate considers that consideration.   He's more or less conceding that he got rolled by the Russians, and 67 Senators have hopefully signed their resignation papers with this vote.


Palm boy said...

Its weird how silent all news coverage of this treaty has been. I suspect it is something significant.

Bike Bubba said...

And even if it is something significant....my take here is that when a President pushes for treaty ratification without adequate time to consider it, the vote ought to be 100-0 against it.

Douglas Hester said...

We'll have plenty of time to read it after it's voted on.