Monday, December 13, 2010

More "Real Italian Pizza" for young skulls full of mush

When I was a skinny young lad in the government's schools, one of our favorite activities was to see how many napkins full of grease one could get off the "Real Italian Pizza."  Generally, you could fill at least eight napkins with the oil that came out after cooking--yes, Gino, this version of "pizza" did qualify as an ethnic slur.

So imagine my "joy" to find out that President Obama has signed a bill expanding the school lunch program, bringing greater federal funding and control to the school lunch.  Yup, more "Real Italian Pizza" for young skulls full of mush, and young bellies and arteries filling so early with cholesterol.  When you want something done poorly and wrong, you can count on Washington, DC.


Gino said...

thegrease was probably along the crust, huh?
cheap pizza sucks.
real pizza doent have grease but on top, from the cheese and meats cooking it out.

but why cant we just go back to the old days, when parents were expected to pack their kids a lunch? it worked for me, for 12yrs.

Bike Bubba said...

All over, and suffice it to say that the days after "Real ******* Pizza" were not pleasant in track practice.

Guitarman said...

It's a national security matter according to Mrs. O! She has talked to an Army official who says 25 percent of those trying to get into the military cannot because they're over weight. Guess what I call that. Weeding out those who wouldn't have the self control to succeed in the Military. Looks like they won't be serving my personal favorite any more...peanut butter bars! It'll probably be baked potatoe chips or cucumbers for desert now.