Monday, December 06, 2010

Encouraging Gerrymandering.... this column by Dick Morris.  One of these days, I dream that the districting authorities simply realize that the purpose of districting is not to make "competitive" districts that might consistently be won by a few points either way, but is rather to create compact districts which will be able to send a representative who concurs with the views of the vast majority.

In other words, they are not to be "competitive," as courts have claimed in ridiculous rulings (e.g. Colorado redistricting in 2000), but are to be as homogeneous as possible.  Shame on Morris for advocating the silencing of large minorities in virtually every district.

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Pilgrim said...

Shortly after November's election, I heard the Limbaugh saying much the same.

Complain about corruption when it's the other team, swim in it when you get your chance.