Friday, December 03, 2010

About that Pentagon "study"

I figured it might be good to clarify a bit here what the recent Pentagon "study" suggesting that most soldiers are not opposed to ending "don't ask don't tell" and allowing homosexuals to serve openly.  What does it really say?

First of all, it says that higher-ups at the Pentagon don't understand the difference between a poll and a study.  Their "study" is really just a poll, and has all the military significance of....well, a poll about what kinds of candy ought to be carried at the PX, to put it mildly.

Going further, there is a remarkable disconnect between combat troops (60% against) and non-combat personnel (well over 70% for).   In other words, the majority of servicemen are not in combat roles (lopsided tooth to tail ratio), and they really don't understand what the infantry and cavalry face in their roles.

Finally, the generals appear to be pretty adamant that the views of 67% of combat Marines and 58% of infantrymen in the Army do not matter--that they will override their concerns to implement a new policy if Congress agrees.  Given that the effectiveness of our armed forces depends to a great deal on these men, it is scary to think that our modern day Pompeys and Alexanders are ignoring their concerns.

Overall, the only conclusion that seems tenable is that the leadership of our armed forces has become servile to the ruling political class--at least the liberal ones who were just rejected at the polls.  It's not a good sign for our country, no matter what one thinks about the issue being debated.


Pilgrim said...

I have a sick feeling in my gut, a suspicion that one of the goals of the sexual revolutionaries is to repeal the D-A-D-T policy, then set up a sodomite to get murdered by a comrade - preferably Southern, and preferably Baptist - thus giving their movement a martyr, and strengthening their hold on the victimhood high ground. I can see the "diversity" consultants lining up for the contracts.

It is most lamentable that men who would stare terrorists in the eyes and throw themselves on grenades cannot find the courage to tell the homosexual activists to pound sand.

See also: Media Ignore Gay Source for WikiLeaks

Bike Bubba said...

I hope you're wrong, but not entirely implausible. If it happens, expect our army to be, like Alexander's, highly successful in conquering, but incapable of enforcing a peace afterwards. (I'm reading Ussher's histories about this.....)