Friday, July 02, 2010

Here's a great scientific investigation

Evidently Michael Mann, fabricator of the infamous hockey stick graph, has been exonerated of the fourth and final charge of academic dishonesty by a group of his peers. What did the investigation consist of?

Glad you asked. According to the Fox article:

So the panel asked Mann five questions, spoke with his boss, and interviewed three other climate scientists. Case closed.


Well, we asked him and his buddies a few questions, and they all said he was innocent!

They're going to have to do a little bit more thorough work than this to make me believe they're actually doing due diligence.


Pastor Steve said...

Hi Robert,

Pastor steve here from (formerly E-vangie Tales). I haven't heard from you in awhile and was wonderin' how you've been.

I'm getting quite a few atheists at my blog lately. I sure could use a reasonable guy like you to put them in their places!

God bless you!

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