Monday, October 13, 2008


Apparently, biscuit-makers in Thailand and Sri Lanka have discovered the "magic" of putting melamine in food products. It is bizaare to me that one would use a chemical with a fairly complex (and toxic) synthesis in place of readily available and cheap foodstuffs, especially for biscuits--which tend to be made with lower protein flours to prevent being too chewy.

Ironically, adding melamine (which on initial analysis looks like protein) shows the product to be inferior.

So why do they do it? Well, look what melamine is made from; animal waste. I have to wonder if a big part of the problem is (government sponsored?) melamine factories near stockyards without sufficient legitimate demand for their product. Getting a price somewhat less than that for rice might be their best (short term of course) business decision.

Your best business decision, of course, just might be to avoid processed foods from Asia in general. If biscuit makers can't clue in to the fact that killing their customers is bad business, maybe they'll clue in to bankruptcy.


pentamom said...

Oh, LOVELY. I'm still here to type this, but didn't I just agonize over the Asian aisle on Saturday with this in mind, looking for rice noodles that I trusted.

I settled on the ones made in...Thailand.

Chicken ginger soup cooked and eaten last night without incident.

Or does kidney failure take longer to show up? Guess it would be hard to put melamine rice noodles anyway. Not that I'm genuinely worried, but so much for finding a reliable source!

Bike Bubba said...

Dunno on the kidneys, but I'd guess that if you substituted melamine for rice protein in your noodles, you'd end up with noodles that would fall apart in the pot. It's not for no reason that they don't make noodles out of soft wheat!

I think. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, and for people to find problems in the domestic food supply. Somebody competing with Bangkok and Shanghai is going to get desperate one of these days.

Gino said...

so this stuff is made from cow piss?

Bike Bubba said...

That's what the article claims, yes. I believe we all ate off melamine dishes when we were kids, too. Maybe it wasn't the school lunch after all that was so disgusting! :^)