Friday, October 17, 2008

Some good news in the political world

Hawaii is apparently ending their universal child health care plan after learning the hard way what any decent economist, or for that matter anyone educated in basic logic, could have told them; that given a choice between using their own money or somebody else's, people will use somebody else's money. Unsurprisingly--just like with Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare part D, and other attempts to provide health care for nothing, expenses exploded, and in response, the state shut the program down.

And yes, this is a remarkably similar plan in these respects to that of Barack Hussein Daley Rezko Wright Pfleger Ayers Obama. Hopefully voters and legislators realize that this kind of thing goes against basic human nature and vote him, and his plan, down before it's too late.


Pilgrim said...

Maybe Hawaii can see that Federal universal health care train a-comin'?

Bike Bubba said...

Maybe, but it's not really likely that "Obama-care" could be up very soon even if passed. It would also be surreal to watch people who presided over a failed program endorsing trying it nationally.

And welcome here!