Monday, October 06, 2008

Skwushy things and otherwise

In a brilliant scientific move, my almost four year old daughter learned (after cleaning out the kitty litter) that cat poop is skwushy. Thankfully, she found this out when it was in the bag, but I made her wash her hands anyways.

Also in the world of science, I learned that haggis isn't really half bad. It's just that anything to do with organ meats grosses us modern Americans out. I crumbled it into a skillet with some potatoes & fried it. Yum!

No melamine involved!

And for a spiritual thought on our nation's financial troubles, read the book of Haggai. Israel was punished with poor crops for its failure to bring the full tithe to the priests; I have to wonder if a great part of our nation's current distress is God graciously allowing us to suffer the consequences of our poor decisions. Perhaps this time we will learn.

Or, perhaps, we'll pass some more subsidies for Puerto Rican rum and bicycle commuting. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Being grossed out by organ meats is something modern Americans are right about. The desire and ability to choose not to eat such stuff should be considered one of the blessings of material prosperity, along the lines of preferring clean water. It's not merely a fastidious hangup.

That's not to deny that haggis might indeed be tasty. I've been known to like some pretty objectively revolting stuff myself. But I think an argument could be made that some things are qualitatively not fit for eating by those who have the choice, regardless of how they might tickle the palate. said...

Bike, you went from talking about skwushy poop to talking about food! Yuck! Then you went on to talk about tithing. What a brain teaser! Anyway, on the subject of tithing...I have not stopped tithing, even in times of having soooooo little money, yet I have always been able to claim the scripture where it says, "I have never seen the righteous forsaken, or his children begging bread..."

Bike Bubba said...


You might have a point about being prosperous enough to pass on organ meats, especially where liver is concerned. Lessee...we feed all kinds of medicines and chemicals to animals, and we expect that the part of the body that cleans the blood will be good to eat?

On the other hand, that five pound tube of Braunschweiger at the grocery store is calling to me..... :^)

Well said on the Haggai (which almost rhymes with "haggis") issue, too, Gabrielle.