Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More liberal "logic"

Took a look at Barack Hussein Rezko Daley Ayers Wright Pfleger Khalidi Obama's tax plan, and there are two very interesting things in it that you might want to note to your socialism-minded friends:

1. Apparently, BHRDAWPKO doesn't think that allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire amounts to a tax hike. As one who stands to lose $400/child in child tax credits and $1000/family or so in a reinstated "marriage penalty," I beg to differ. This would be a massive tax hike for my family.

2. Apparently, BHRDAWPKO thinks that adding new tax credits to the tax code is the best way to simplify it and make it possible to file your taxes "in five minutes." Of course, anyone who has ever done his own taxes knows that five minutes is about the time it takes to simply fill out the first line or two of the 1040EZ form, and that every tax credit has its own form requiring about 15 minutes to figure out.

It's also instructive to parse out what is, and what is not, "blessed" by the BHRDAWPKO tax plan. Parents lose part of the child tax credit, but get some of it back if they put their kids into daycare. Parents get slammed with a reinstated marriage penalty, but get some of it back if Mom leaves her kids in daycare and goes back to work. Parents get slammed if they buy a vehicle capable of going on a family vacation (and say, towing the family boat or camper), but get a credit if they buy a hybrid.

See a pattern here? They won't admit it, but the BHRDAWPKO campaign is waging war on the traditional family with their tax plan.

Also, astute observers will notice I've added a new middle name to Barack Hussein Rezko Daley Ayers Wright Pfleger Khalidi Obama: Obama is evidently a good friend of Rashid Khalidi, even allowing this former PR man for the PLO and Yasser Arafat to babysit his children. If you think the public deserves to know about this (akin to a Republican kibbitzing with someone from Aryan Nations, really), send a note to the LA Times and see if they'll release the tape of Obama toasting him.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, #1 has been the dirty secret all along. Apparently the Obama crowd wants us to believe that according to some natural cosmic principles, the "real" tax rate is what we were paying in 2000 before the Bush cuts. Simply allowing it to slide back to that Edenic state isn't a "tax increase," it's just sort of like gravity. Then, once equilibrium has been returned to the universe and balance has been restored to the Force, we can start calculating what a "cut" is.

We are going to get absolutely hammered if the Bush cuts are allowed to expire. Only four of ours still qualify (why a child is no longer considered a child a full year before most of them complete mandatory education, I do not know) but still, $4000 is a LOT of money.

Gino said...

i didnt know the aryan nation were driven from the towns and villages by rampaging jews.

Bike Bubba said...

Gino: Not to my knowledge, thankfully.

What I was getting at is that if a GOP candidate had spent time with 10% as many radicals as Obama has, he'd be shown the door posthaste. Why not with Democrats? One would think that hanging out with people who aided and abetted terror against innocents would be struck from the list of viable candidates. Not if you're a socialist, I guess.