Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Not what we need right now.....

While driving to work today (legs will only take so much!), I heard a commercial for Norm Coleman pointing out that he knows what it's like to take out a second mortgage to pay for his kids' school.

Say what? A lawyer with 32 years experience, age 59, has not only a first, but also a second, mortgage? OK, he was having kids around 1980, so it might have been a few years back that he was doing this, but he still would have been above 50 at the time.

Maybe I'm a "throwback" here, but I've got this weird idea that after 25 years of a lawyer's income, a man ought to have paid off his mortgage, and have enough savings to pay for his kids' educations without applying for a loan. Coleman's apparent failure to do so doesn't tell me that he's like the common Joe, but rather that he also isn't terribly good with money.

Of course, it's nowhere near as bad as taking part in the pillaging of the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club, as his opponent has done, but it's still not something that will cause me to relax as I hold my nose to vote for him this November.


Gino said...

my wife has worked for several lawyers (family law assissant).

you'd be suprised how many lawyers do NOT have their $ crap together.
lawyers are notoriously bad with personal finances.

which also explains the govt situation ,what, with so many lawyers at the helm. said...

Oh, great!