Monday, June 03, 2013

Still at step one of the 8D

One of the privileges of doing quality assurance is the joy of providing effective corrective action on a quality problem.  When the problem gets bad enough, a full eight step "8D" form will be required, in which the QE (and his manager) must demonstrate that concrete steps have been taken to prevent the problem from recurring.  One of the key rules in this process is that it is assumed that the process, not the people, are primarily at fault.

Now apply this concept towards the various scandals plaguing the White House at this point.  Fingers have been pointed at junior staffers, but no concrete action has been taken--no retraining, no review of documents governing processes, no indictments in matters clearly criminal (IRS, BATFE, DOJ Black Panthers, etc..), and those staffers involved are not being demoted or fired, but rather promoted.

In other words, the lack of action by the White House in its scandals indicates that they really aren't interested in solving the problem, but rather in continuing to use a system that's worked out pretty well for them.  In the quality world, this is when the customer starts raising Hell.  We should, too.

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