Monday, June 10, 2013

Smelling a rat.....

....about this Reuters article about Rep. Elijah Cummings' comments about an unnamed IRS staffer who has apparently contradicted the sworn statements of other IRS staffers, not to mention boss Lois Lerner, by claiming that he's not only a conservative Republican, but also that the IRS probes of Tea Party organizations were orchestrated from Cincinnatti. 

Notice that nobody has checked out whether the person actually is registered Republican, or reviewed his political donations, both of which can be done without a warrant.  If this person fits the profile of other "conservative Republicans" who amazingly toe the party line for the Democrats, he's a Democrat, has been one for decades, and just perjured himself.  If Rep. Issa is smart, he'll be getting this information soon.

Really, even if all of the activity did originate at lower levels in Cincinnatti, there is still a scandal.  Specifically, why did anyone in the IRS ever think this was appropriate, and why didn't a bunch of those people get fired last year when the scandal started to come to light?

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