Friday, May 31, 2013

It's the cover-up that will get you

Brian links to an interesting article theoretically refuting the claim that former IRS director Douglas Schulman had visited the White House 157 times, noting that White House records only show him being signed in 11 times,  and noting that Shulman's meeting invitations were predominantly for healthcare-related meetings.

Fair enough.  Now, if they were for healthcare related meetings, then that's very interesting in light of the fact the IRS director for Obamacare is the exact same person who was responsible for IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.  Remarkable coincidence, that.

It's also remarkable that the IRS's fairly simple role in Obamacare--implementing a form for reporting of insurance or paying a fine/tax--required 120 meetings.   All this fuss over Schedule INSurance and its implementation, and no review of  Ms. Ingram's work history, and whether it qualified her for the job?  Quite remarkable.

Now, let's go further.  When Mr. Shulman testified before Congress, he was asked about the apparent 118 times (the count then) he'd been at the White House, and he did not deny he'd been there an awful lot, and claimed it was for things like the Easter Egg Hunt, budget and tax issues. 

So did Shulman lie about his attendance and possibly the purpose of those meetings, or is the White House keeping a really bad visitors' record?  Either is a scandal, of course.  It's time for a special prosecutor.

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