Thursday, June 13, 2013

Good news about government surveillance,

....but possibly bad news for a young woman out on a "vision quest."  Apparently a young woman walked out on a type of "vision quest" from a Washington state campground with, shall we say, little in terms of supplies, and her friends--unfamiliar with the duration of a typical "vision quest"?--have called in the authorities.

Now of course, it is my hope and prayer that on this quest, this young lady will find a true spiritual vision--that of Christ--and arrive home uninjured soon.  That said, I'm not sure that the authorities are going to be much help in finding her in case she does need help. 

Why?  Look at the article; they searched for her with 12 "4x4 teams" (and thus didn't get too far from the roads), and also are believing that she could only go about five miles in a day.  Now granted, barefoot is a disadvantage, but if someone has been going barefoot a while, 10-15 miles in a day is no biggie.   With shoes, 10-15 miles per day is typical for backpackers, hunters, or participants in the Pike's Peak Ascent.

In short, the authorities are going to be little help to her because they're probably not going far enough to get to where she is, but if one needs to get out of Dodge, it's nice to know that the government may be too lazy to find you.

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