Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thoughts......deep, or perhaps not so much....

Nearly fifty years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, and 220 years since the Constitution went into effect, isn't it about time that we figured out how to make voting equitable, and not grist for Supreme Court action?  Seriously, how hard can it be to make polling places and registration rules, and equitably perform redistricting?

Oh, yes, Governor Gerry, I understand; that was never the point, was it?

In other news, apparently telling a bad knock-knock joke is grounds for a mistrial.  I can see Dershowitz's point, and I've got to wonder whether other defenders, notably that of Jodi Arias, were aiming for an "incompetent defense" mistrial as well.  (you let her on the stand exactly....why?)

In other George Zimmerman news, prosecutors who successfully squelched evidence related to Trayvon Martin's character are seeking to introduce more evidence related to George Zimmerman's.  Yes, adversarial system, I understand, but one would think basic fairness would realize "sauce for the goose".  For that matter, the opening statement by the prosecutor would seem to indicate he's going more for emotions than fact.  Looks like both prosecutor and defender are going for a mistrial, IMO.

Want to be a supermodel?  Apparently, you'd better develop a taste for cotton balls.  Mmmmmm........

Finally, President Obama has upheld a 2008 campaign threat promise by implementing regulations on coal-burning power plants--when there is no commercially available technology available to comply.  I am hoping that one of these days, the courts will remind politicians that while they get to legislate the laws of the land, they do not get to legislate the laws of physics, technology, or economics.

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