Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some profoundly depressing things.....

"Stuff fundies like."  While I wholeheartedly affirm the fundamentals of the faith--inerrancy of Scripture in the autographs, virgin birth of Christ, substitutionary atonement of Christ, bodily resurrection of Christ, and His second coming--the unfortunate antics of many fundamentalists (I tend to prefer the term "hyper-fundamentalists", for what it's worth) do incredible damage to the Gospel.

Which ironically, the fundamental movement arose to preserve.

On another note, here is a profoundly depressing commentary (H/T Breathing Grace and others) on (some portions of) Asian culture.  Somehow Ephesians 6:4 comes to mind.  For what it's worth, I spent two summers in a predominantly Chinese church near Los Angeles, and suffice it to say that, while nearly all of those I knew had parents who intensely cared for them and their success, I never got the feeling that the above linked article was the norm.

One delightful event; one middle school girl in a Sunday School class I helped lead was very reticent to take part until I linked a Biblical text to a Motel 6 advertisement I'd heard on the radio.  Turned out she was about the only one there who listened to the radio (the TV/movie fixation of LA must be seen to be believed), and the fact that I'd inadvertently addressed the teaching specifically to her helped her take part in an amazing way.

Leaving the light on for you here......


Pilgrim said...

The portrayed parenting is self-serving and sinful.

But some of the critiques of post-Christian Westerners are woefully adequate.

"Westerners... seem perfectly content to let their children turn out badly."

Beginning with fathers who are perfectly content to let the State protect, provide, and catechize their children.

Bike Bubba said...

Well said, Pilgrim; what kind of resources do you recommend to the father who desires to start leading his family well?

Pilgrim said...

Been reading Lou Priolo's "The Complete Husband" with brothers from church. So far, it's pretty good.

Doug Wilson's family/social stuff is amazing, too (I'm skeptical about his Federal Vision stuff, but then I don't baptize babies, much less give them communion).

Gino said...

i've known kids who were raised much that way (asians, of course).
and i've seen much of this in my asian gal of many yrs ago(who was forbidden to date me, not that it stopped us).

yeah, they were successful, but...

the two different societies stress different things for different results.

asians have raised their children this way since the beginning of time, and westerners, likewise their way.

asian societies have been woefully backward in the lifetsyle catagory compared to western ones.
asian countries have only begun to prosper at the wetsern level when they have been influenced by western tech.

in the modern world, it gives asian kids a leg up in western cultures, while asian cultures still struggle.

its takes a blend of both, i think.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Bike Bubba,

Did you see the post I linked to where another blogger analyzed the Asian way vs. the Western way? I thought she did agreat job of pointing out the problems with both of these approaches: they are now largely divorced from Biblical truth.


Bike Bubba said...

Pilgrim; thanks, and well said. Terry; I believe that's at least one of my sources, which you pointed me to.