Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A word for single people, and married people who want to stay that way

Check out Terry's post on how a woman of color--or any woman for that matter --might hope to attain and maintain marriage. It's not rocket science, and it needs to be said. The "Cliff's Notes" version of her post for those who won't follow a link; femininity, chastity, modesty, attitude, and competence in a kitchen will go a long way towards getting a man on his knees and keeping him happy at home thereafter.

For those readers not made from a rib, I'd suggest that modesty, chastity, masculinity, and basic familiarity with the tools needed to maintain a household might go a long way to finding and marrying someone who is made from a rib. It might even be a good idea to learn to cook, too.

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pentamom said...

You may want to clarify that last sentence. There is an unintended (and I'm guessing probably inaccurate) inference that someone might make there. ;-)

Good post.