Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Need some help with your New Year's resolutions?

The Wall Street Journal lets us know that due in great part to government meddling, we have something of a shortage of doctors, especially those in primary care. So if you need help holding to that resolution to eat better or exercise more, there you go. H/T Cold Fusion Guy.

Want to reduce your likelihood of sickness even more? Mr. D. links to a neat AP story about how Norway greatly reduced infections; they stopped overprescribing antibiotics and (this isn't emphasized nearly as much as it should be in the article!) those who do become infected are isolated.

In other words, the old quarantine, long out of favor here, but the fact remains that you don't get illnesses from people with whom you don't make contact. Along the same lines, maybe it's time to consider the idea that if we're worried about communicable diseases, maybe encouraging people to congregate in ever larger numbers at work, school, and elsewhere might not be the right idea.


Mark said...

I'm not finding it, but a couple of years ago I saw an article about a hospital that encouraged and used good/benign bacteria to displace bad bacteria. I think it was in England. It seemed to be a success. (Bah!)

Bike Bubba said...

Ya know, there is the reality that when we prescribe antibiotics, the body does not have as much a chance to generate its own "toughing it" through small infections might actually make it easier to fight off the biggies with "low test" drugs.....

....and if you find that article, post it!