Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Garrison Keillor's Bourbon-For-Mouthwash Piece

....came out today, and it is a hoot. From talk about reliable newspapers (Keillor writes for the notoriously biased Red Star-Tribune) to claims that Harry Reid is some sort of senior statesman in the Senate, interspersed with ridiculous ideas like a diamond-tipped golden colonoscopy tool for Rush Limbaugh(ouch!), Keillor's latest is undeniable proof that when a liberal writes about political opponents denying reality, it's the liberal who is denying reality.

And, of course, with the bourbon for mouthwash Keillor was apparently using when writing this piece, a few cups of coffee might be just the thing he needs. And a few aspirin, and a big glass of water.

Addendum: here's another "what was he smoking" column that suggests that Obama's first year was a string of uninterrupted successes.


pentamom said...

The last paragraph was actually pretty good (though no doubt NOT in the way Gary intended) but the stuff about Reid must have been induced by LSD. Reid is a lying, bullying specimen of humanity, and even someone whose opinion of him is not as low as that can hardly be so blind as to give him the Arthurian qualities Gary sees.

Mark said...

I can't yet bring myself to click those links (and my lunch time is about up, anyway)