Tuesday, January 05, 2010

An interesting thought

Back at the end of 2008, it appeared that the investigation of Chicago corruption had Rod Blagojevich by an extremely sensitive area, and that the evidence pretty much indicated an open and shut case.

Today, the man is not only not in jail, but he's apparently appearing on a TV show with Donald Trump, and Chicago area natives are suggesting that the prosecutor doesn't have the evidence to convict him.

It makes me wonder. Who got his man into the special prosecutor's office, and how? Daley? Obama? Rezko? We may never know, but the whole deal speaks of a level of corruption in Chicago that most places never aspire to.

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K-Rod said...

Guilty until proven innocent!

The feds purposely jumped the gun before Blago incriminated Obama.

Business as usual for the Chicago politicians. Yes, Virginia, there is one in the White House.