Monday, June 26, 2006

My first hat trick!

That is, my first three-post day. Woohoo!

The topic? Well, it seems that even lawyers have difficulty with their chosen profession from time to time--just as in engineering, medicine, teaching, or other professions. I dare suggest that we ought to consider whether a prestigious-looking degree is worth starting one's career with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans.


Mercy Now said...

Well, if you are not the top tier of your class, then go work for a personal injury firm that chases ambulance and doesn't really care about the clients they represent or file frivolous lawsuits just to get your fees paid. On the more serious note, it's buyer beware so do your research before taking out a $60k loan for law school.

Bike Bubba said...

It's actually interesting that the article points out that many lawyers leave law for finance and business. Apparently ambulance chasing is either not very fulfilling (we should hope so, no?) or not very lucrative for the unpracticed (we should also hope so).

This is also where a lot of engineers and doctors are going--we have either over-filled the professions, or we're chasing people out of them. Yikes.