Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More energy conservation tips

Kudos to Mark, first of all, for pointing out that flourescent light bulbs can be a great way of saving electricity. Some other ways:

If your wife works, calculate how much she really takes home, and consider whether she's working to support your family, or whether she's working to support daycare centers and the government.

Consider putting in some more insulation in your attic, or when your siding needs to be replaced.

And finally, develop the habit of turning things off when not in use.

But whatever you do, don't buy a hybrid or flex fuel vehicle until you've implemented a few more basic suggestions. It just won't pay.


Mercy Now said...

The interesting fact about two household incomes is that many of them come out worse financially than one spouse working. My accountant calls this the double tax marriage penalty.

As for leaving the lights on, it's like leaving the water running but yet people will run and turn the water off but not the lights. Guess it's a visual thing so if u don't see it, then u don't waste it (until you pay the bills).

Bike Bubba said...

Quite right--and working also uses a fair amount of gasoline. My wife would break even with working (after day care and taxes) with an income of somewhere around $80,000 per year.