Monday, October 23, 2017

Some proverbs of parenthood

Taking the lead of sister Elspeth, here are a few things I've been known to say to my kids.  Why do I share them?  Simply because many of us need to be encouraged to say the "hard" things that really do benefit their kids, I guess.

The white line is your friend--to remind kids to bike at the side of the road and not in the flow of traffic.

The job is done when the job is done, not when you think you've done your share.

If a guy needs to see every curve of yours to figure out whether you're attractive, he's not husband material.  And to the boys: No, this doesn't mean you're mentally undressing her.  It means you ought to be able to get enough information from her silhouette, posture, walk, and smile.

You can learn to motivate yourself, or you can work for someone else who will motivate exchange for a large share of the wage you otherwise would have earned.  (being managed requires a lot of resources...)

You are going to be doing housework all your life--you might as well get used to it and good at it now.

We are not the Queen of England--you do not need a new outfit for every occasion.  (obviously more of an issue with my daughters than sons)

All four food groups, kids.  (yes, as the son of a dietician, I'm still using the food advice I learned when young....unlike "MyPlate", it works)

The car is not moving until your dogs get water and a walk. 

Eat the live toad first. (obviously I borrowed this one; do the difficult, distasteful task first)

I told you to do something, not to discuss the matter.

I meant now, not when you get around to feeling like it.


Jim Peet said...

I know you are a good Dad

Love this one: Eat the live toad first.

Bike Bubba said...

Thanks! Hope you're doing well and getting to love on your not-so-little ones as well!

Elspeth said...

Late to this party, but I like these.

My jury is still out on the food groups, though, LOL.

Bike Bubba said...

:^) I'll confess that I'd divide things up more like Mayo does, which is well over halfway to where paleo ends up anyways. But since my kids are growing bones and do not suffer from lactose intolerance, we just go with four.

It would be interesting to see the diet results of doing four food groups, but without the ~1200 or so calories of added fat and sugars most Americans take in each day, versus paleo. I am guessing a lot of people like paleo simply because it's hard to find the grain group without a lot of added fats and sugar.