Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A gift from above,

...if only the President and Jeff Sessions will use it.  Powerline/The Hill report bombshell revelations that the FBI (then headed by none other than Robert Mueller) had credible evidence of Russian assaulted U.S. uranium companies as early as 2010, and knew as well of Russian contributions to Hilliary Clinton's foundation soon after. 

Which would mean that none other than Robert Mueller has known for seven years that there was Russian involvement in U.S. politics, and did nothing to prosecute those involved--presumably because it would have embarrassed his boss and the Secretary of State.

If there is anything to this, sounds like time to put Mr. Mueller, and a bunch of other guys, on the other end of an investigation than the place they currently occupy.  Is there anyone affiliated with the Obama administration who doesn't belong in jail?  Nobody comes to mind right now.

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