Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Great thinking on the left!

Newsweak now has an article noting that former Hilliary press secretary Brian Fallon is noting that if Trump is removed from office, the money Hilliary's campaign paid for it will be worthwhile.

Yeah, I'm sure the report will be tremendously helpful, given that one of the most sensational claims in it, that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen met with Russian agents in Prague, could have been refuted by a simple review of Cohen's passport records.  Interestingly, instead of finding that the report was a nice pile of fertilizer, former FBI head James Comey appears to have agreed to pay to continue the work.  Kudos to Fallon as well for admitting that the whole deal was a Nixonian dirty trick, and this should result in the resignation of Robert Mueller and his entire team, hopefully to be followed by indictment for James Comey, who knew exactly where these allegations were coming from, and why they were nonsense.

Update: great thinking on the right, where Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is arguing that "enough is enough", backed up by his...retirement from the Senate.  Seems to me that if Flake really believed that enough is enough, he'd try to keep his seat so he could vote on a conviction in impeachment proceedings, but apparently "logic" and "Constitutional law" are not among his considerations here.

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