Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Oh, my.

Race hustling poverty pimp Jesse Jackson has compared playing in the NFL to antebellum slavery.  Because obviously, a guy who earns as much playing a couple hours of a kids' game as most of us get paid for our whole lives' work has everything in common with people who worked 12 hour days in the hot sun all their lives without ever receiving a paycheck.  Driving an Escalade with 20" spinners (or whatever NFL players drive today) to the nightclub is just like knowing that if you're not where you're supposed to be, slave-catchers are going to be after you with bloodhounds and shotguns.  Hitting an air conditioned weight room to gain necessary strength is just like being whipped by an overseer, I'm sure.

Yes, there are real problems with the NFL, and I'm no huge fan of playing the national anthem before each gladiatorial contest in the Circus Maximus to begin with, and certainly we can do better to protect the rights of all people suspected or accused of crimes.  That noted, to act as if there has been no progress in civil rights over the past 150 years, even as measured by the status of professional games-players, suggests that when it comes to serious progress in race relations, this one will only come out with prayer and fasting.

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