Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Post election thoughts.....

The book of Jeremiah seems very appropriate these days.  As does, as my gracious guest WB Picklesworth notes, 1984.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Another thing to consider from 1984 is that the leaders persecuted the people in the party. The plebes they left alone, by and large. Of course they were poorer, and the culture itself was crass and low, and there was the sporadic violence to control the news cycle, but they weren't concerned with controlling their lives in detail.

I don't have much hope for America anymore, but I have even more hope for life. It feels like America has been revealed to me as an idol. And for me at least, it was.

Those are two threads of thought that I've been having these past days (among others.)

Bike Bubba said...

WB, I understand pessimism (and I'm pretty good at it too!), but I think it may be time for you to spend your 18 scheckels and buy that plot of land, if you catch my drift. He is still good, even if He is allowing our nation to pass into a time of judgment.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

"but I have even more hope for life"

I worded this poorly and so my meaning was obfuscated. What I was trying to say is that while I don't have the same hope that I once had for America, I have a great deal of hope, more than ever!, for my life. When an idol is thrown down that doesn't make life poorer, but richer. And so it is with me in the wake of this election. I hope and pray that this is true for many Christians in America.

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