Wednesday, November 07, 2012

More thoughts on the election fallout

All of the stock indexes worldwide appear to be pricing in four more years of Barack Obama and Harry Reid; down 2% at lunchtime. Corresponds pretty well with the 1.5 million Americans who stand to lose their jobs as Obamacare is implemented and Obama works to tax job creators more.

If Walter Cronkite's post-retirement biography is any indication, the media have been in the bag for the left since at least the 1960s, if not the 1930s or before. 

Given that the media being in the bag for the left isn't exactly a new phenomenon, it's about time for those of us who believe in limited government to put on their big boy pants and do what it takes to get the message out on their own.

Given that the message of the left this election cycle was essentially the same emotional appeal "soak the rich" that Huey Long and FDR used, Doug Wilson's point about getting Christian kids out of the government's schools is very well taken.  

A number of Republicans lost winnable races because of clearly avoidable gaffes and personal issues.  It's time for the GOP to start hiring detectives to help their candidates avoid this kind of thing.  Far better to learn early than for the media and Democrats to be the ones hiring the detectives.

Results nationwide show that the GOP needs to do a far better job developing prospects in the minor leagues.

Madonna, please don't honor your promise.


Mark said...

A good bit of advice from "I forget where": Have the pro-Life politicians schooled on how to respond to the standard questions/traps that they keep falling into. The people of Operation Rescue probably know how to handle themselves...

Gino said...

part of it: keep Jesus and God out of the discussion.

Bike Bubba said...

Gino; not quite so sure about that. More or less, I think it's less about religion and more about whether one group can forcibly extort funds from other groups for their own purposes.

Which is of course a violation of "thou shalt not covet." Really, all politics is a matter of religion; we might as well just admit it and get the secularists to admit their religion, too.