Wednesday, November 02, 2011

When in Seattle.... might do well to avoid Dr. Guillotine and anyone named Robespierre.  Apparently the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters are starting to act like they're taking part in the French Revolution.  Let me eat brioche, but we'll do it here in Minnesota, thank you very much. And away from the Jacobins in Minneapolis, of course.

Alternatively, my friend Mark would tell me that the reign of terror started years ago in Seattle when Bill Gates more or less stole the visible parts of Apple's operating system without duplicating the magic inside.  But that's just a Mac-head talking, of course.   Who is also probably not in Seattle right now, either. 


Brian said...

Comparing it to the French Revolution is a bit overheated, but that's to be expected if you want to seem like you're in the middle of something historical, I guess.

It did mildly screw up traffic while I was trying to get through downtown on my way home from the airport, which was kind of irritating.

Honestly, I think both the protestors and cops here have been--on the whole--admirably restrained, at least so far. A few people assaulted cops, and they got arrested. The rest (i.e., most) of them, didn't, and weren't.

Bike Bubba said...

Not 100% comparison, thankfully, but there is the reality that with 1% of the number of protesters as had the Tea Parties, they've got 100x the arrests.

They're speaking volumes about the far left, none of it printable.

Mark said...

What do MS's court-sanctioned IP thefts have to do with the "Occupy" leftists?

I find myself twice offended by your comment - though you probably were just trying to engender comment. :^)