Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Reformation Day fun

While I respect those who abstain from Halloween Reformation Day festivities because of the Druidic roots of Halloween, our family has found a bunch of ways to really enjoy the observance--especially here where it's a lot safer, and not like Detroit at all.

*  Four year old son's costume: dinosaur.  Dad's costume; Ken Ham, of course.
* Posting the 95 Theses on our door.  If people in our heavily Catholic town remembered history, we would have gotten some really dirty looks.  We didn't.
* Greeting "Trick or Treaters" with "Happy Reformation Day!", and getting blank stares.
* Daughter #2's costume: Little Bo Peep.  Daughter #4's costume: duh.
* Ruining about 100 kids in town for cheap chocolate by handing out Lindt and Ghirardelli chocolates.
* Turning off the front porch light when our stash ran out, and daughter #1 noticed that she was handing out candy to kids whose voices had changed.


Gino said...

i tthink many Christians take the fun out of halloween for fear of being converted to the darkside.

at least you can show that its just not true, and have a little clean fun.

Joanna said...

We always have a fall party at my parents' house. We avoid trick-or-treaters and force the kids to do funny things like sack races and trying to eat donuts strung from the ceiling with you hands behind your back. HA!

W.B. Picklesworth said...

We carved a pumpkin, left the front light on and then sat down to watch a French movie about Trappist monks in Algeria. No one disturbed us. I suppose 10 miles out in the country isn't the epicenter of trick-or-treating. Ah well. More Snickers for me.

As for the religious question, I agree, there's nothing inherently wrong with Halloween. Actually, it reminds me just a bit of what Carnivale used to be: a kind of turning upside down of societal norms with the idea of reinforcing those norms. Since we don't want our kids begging or eating poorly or emulating ghouls, Halloween makes sense on this level. What makes less sense is all the candy in normal times, the school fundbegging, and goths.

pentamom said...

Just as long as you didn't go as Kent Hovind -- prison stripes are not so charming.

Bike Bubba said...

Pentamom: :^)

Seriously, if Halloween were observed here with the kind of paganism one sees elsewhere, we would not be playing along at all. It's not quite the same here.