Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Interesting fruit of repentance

Yesterday, I killed a post discussing the travails of a too-famous family in favor of....well...sending a note regarding some of those travails to a member of that family directly (thank you, google).  Today, I received a note back saying that at least one of the reports was not true. 

Now I don't know whether it was, or wasn't, true.  If it was, something awful is off the table, probably thanks in small part to people who wrote the would-be offender.  If it was not, the reporter who wrote the original story gets some well deserved rebuke.  It's a good thing.

In other world news, apparently the killer whale that killed his trainer will be performing shows once again.   What could possibly go wrong?


Pilgrim said...

I had never heard of the singer before yesterday. I prefer my pop culture more obscure and "underground," save The Simpsons.

But reading the Wikipedia article on the singer, and visiting her own website, I thought your "Dear Mom" letter was very good.

It also reminded me of that dust-up a few months back about the academic intelligentsia sort who, when asked the question about the self-deselecting tendencies of liberals to procreate, said not to worry, they'll always have a teeming supply of fodder fresh off the Midwestern farm.

In a (regrettably) abstract way, it is the Gospel that keeps the culture going. The talent the singer wields for profit, she honed in church, singing songs about Jesus. The creativity and clear-mindedness that the God-hating Academy needs comes from people who start their kids off with the premise, "In the beginning, God."

This is cause for both joy and outrage. Joy, to witness Christ's leaven in the culture. But outrage, that His benefits are being pimped out and perverted in the cause of His enemies.

And as you warned us all, including the songstress's divorcee pastor mother: obeying God, every chapter and verse, matters. Causing little ones to stumble is a horrific proposition.

Bike Bubba said...

Glad you enjoyed it; I removed it simply because I thought, per Matthew 18, that mebbe I needed to cut short the cycle of gossip.

And without going into too many details, you're braver than I in one respect.....

Pilgrim said...

I hesitated, before proceeding. It's not wise to enter the lion's den without prayer.

MainiacJoe said...

I glad you took the approach you did, even though I have no clue what you are talking about.

Bike Bubba said...

Don't try to figure it out, dear brother. You'll be thankful, I promise, even if you never quite know why. :^)

And pray that we won't have yet another example of "this is why, if you're a kid, you should never let your parents shop you out to be a superstar."


MainiacJoe said...

Well if I'm better off not knowing, that's another reason not to mention it at all, isn't it?

Howard AE0Z said...

Related to the killer whale, apparently the trainers themselves resist calling their charges "orcas" which is of course a much nicer sounding name than "killer whales" because they want the reminder: the ability to learn tricks is just a side effect of a brain dedicated to the process of killing.