Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Feminism update

In today's Mankato Free Press, a local (Minnesota State U.) professor of "women's studies" womyn's studies proudly told us that while sexual morality was the measure of a woman's  womyn's morality, it wasn't so for men.  Somehow, in her "logic," that meant that all sexual mores must be abandoned, no matter what the cost for womyn.  Moreover, that was not only an argument for the abandonment of sexual mores, but also for killing one's own children via prenatal infanticide.

Yes, I'm afraid this "professor's" picture is beside the definition of non sequitur, to put it mildly.   A double standard means that we ought to have no morals, and that we ought to take out our lack of morals on our own children?  Say what?

But let's take a look at her first idea; that men are not held to account for their sexual peccadilloes.  Quite frankly, I think that this would come as something of a surprise to Gary Hart, Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Garry Studds, Barney Frank, Newt Gingrich, Eldrick Woods, Charlie Sheen, Bill Cosby, Jesse Jackson, and a bunch of other men whose ambitions have been damaged or destroyed by sexual infidelity.   While certain men, and women, will cover for the "indiscretions" of their friends, I'm not convinced that this "double standard" really exists.


Guitarman said...

Once you're branded in the workplace as a womanizer...that tag follows you around for the rest of your life!

Bike Bubba said...

True. Or a drunk, or....