Friday, March 04, 2011

Government thinking....and pure excellence in journalism

Apparently, ICE agents patrolling our border with Mexico--currently a virtual war zone due to armed coyotes and drug smugglers--are being issued bean bag guns as a defense against smugglers armed with Kalishnikovs.  For goodness' sake, can't we at least get them something better, like the 303 Enfield?

(which is actually a great gun vs. the Kalishnikov--its effective range exceeds the AK's by over 150 meters)

In other news of appalling illogic, Dan Rather is apparently still of the notion that his dismissal from C-BS was the result of "telling an uncomfortable truth."  We could get all hung up about the fact that Rather is ignoring the fact that he was dismissed for presenting obviously forged documents as genuine, or we could....

....contemplate the fact that this is the sort of thing which ought to allow thinking newspaper readers to insist that poor journalists be reprimanded or replaced.  Yes, it is difficult to isolate pure bias in a reporter.  However, it's not quite so difficult to demonstrate that someone didn't ask his six friends--who, what, where, why, how, and when--what they thought of the story they were being told.

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