Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is why we need adults in government

To rebuke fools like Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who used his time in Congress to berate our country for our immigration and gun laws. An adult in government would have pointed out to Mr. Calderon exactly why so many Mexicans want to come to our country, that Mexico's immigration laws are far harsher than those of the United States, that Mexico's murder rate is triple that of the United States', and finally that if Calderon wishes to reduce small arms traffic over the border, he's quite welcome to help us build a fence on the border. He'd also do well to quit allowing drug traffickers to use the resources of Mexico's police and army.

Unfortunately, we have children in Congress and the White House, children who chose to applaud Calderon's hypocritical and foolish ranting. Hopefully these children can be returned to the private sector this November, where they can learn the lesson that actions have consequences.


pentamom said...

Maybe my memory is foggy or selective, but since January 2009 the theme of "berate" has been going on like I've never seen it before. A few weeks ago, I heard Sec. Clinton berating Mahmoud Ahmedinejad for public consumption. Now the guy doesn't deserve much respect, but I can't recall previous instances of alleged diplomats publicly treating other world leaders like the naughty kid in class who has to be made an example of. Throw in the President publicly berating every private and public individual and institution who does something he doesn't agree with, and it gets unsavory at best. My memory of previous presidents, including those I've not been fond of, is a more detached criticism, combined with rhetorically staying the heck out of stuff that isn't really federal government business (at least according to 20th century definition.)

So there's an ongoing theme of "berate," and it's just more of the same (only worse) when we let the other guy come here and do it -- probably with implicit agreement from the administration.

pentamom said...

Interesting. I wonder if there's a similar effect in PA. My husband's income seems to stay just a little ahead of inflation (excluding last year, which was painful all around), not far above that range, and we seem to get slightly poorer every year -- and I don't think it's all attributable to the increasing size of the mouths we have to feed.

pentamom said...

Oops, sorry, got onto wrong post.

Bike Bubba said...

You would be right about berating....seems that the "new tone" Dear Leader brought us was "beat us down until we submit."

I'll copy into other post.