Monday, May 24, 2010

More reasons to homeschool

Beyond the fact that homeschoolers are free to actually teach theology, logic, and a host of other things not currently taught in the government schools, of course.

Here's a story about a 30 year old school principal who has been caught sending a, um, "risque" picture of herself to a student she met while playing online video games. Beyond the criminal activity, there is the issue of her age.

You see, the "principal" was once the (per J.T. Gatto) "principal teacher," responsible more for mentoring teachers than for administering the school. Today, we've turned this around, and all that's needed is a master's degree in school administration (or doctorate) and proper political connections. So with a 30 year old principal, the school district was clearly cheating its teachers and students out of what a real principal is supposed to be.

And a funny one (unless you're from Beer City); a Milwaukee area school bus driver has been fired after being caught using plastic bags to avoid going to the restroom. So if school buses gross you out, well, you're not working without evidence. Hopefully a helpful homeschooler can meet this bus driver sometime and let them know that if they want to be more regular, it helps to have some fiber in their diet.

Finally, smart people may want to watch out for Twin Cities area teachers, as a Ramsey County teachress has just been convicted of emulating Mike Tyson in his infamous bout against Evander Holyfield. If you hear them coming, watch out, or else you might not next time.


pentamom said...

I hope you aren't schooling your kids to use meaningless conglomerations of letters like "teachress." ;-)

Bike Bubba said...

Of course we will! If we didn't take poetic license, we have no chance of ever coining cool words like "jabberwocky" or "supercalifragilisticexpealadocious".

Or, for that matter, "misunderestimate," or even (on a more serious level) some of the compound words that are found in Paul's writings, but nowhere prior to that in Greek literature.

pentamom said...

Well, okay, except "teachress" doesn't rise to anywhere near the Carroll or Travers level of cleverness. There's a perfectly good word -- teacher -- for what you're trying to say there. Paul, Lewis, and Travers were making up words for things that didn't exactly have perfectly good words. ;-)

The skill of poetic license is to use it only when nothing else will do quite as well. "Schoolmarm" would have been just as piquant in the situation. ;-)