Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let me get this straight......

....the state of Arizona passes a law saying that police may investigate the immigration status of criminals, and liberals are generally AGAINST a measure that would send criminal illegal immigrants out of the country?

Did I get that right--that apparently many liberals are IN FAVOR of having more criminals on U.S. streets? If so, that certainly explains their affinity for gun control, too.

In related news:

Attorney General Eric Holder, who threatened to litigate against the new law, admits that he hasn't read it. What is it with Democrats telling us that they know what's good for us when they haven't even made an attempt to educate themselves on the subject?

Also, there is apparently a move by professional baseball players to boycott this year's All-Star game to be held in Arizona. This kinda makes sense, as many pro game-players have a rap sheet a mile long, and many of them are immigrants. We'll call it self-preservation of their careers.

Except for the fact that they're legal immigrants. Oh well.

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