Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lessee if I got this one straight

Joe Wilson says something obviously true, if gauche, about the President during Obama's speech last night, and Democrats are calling for a censure. On the other hand, House member Charles Rangel gets brother in law pricing on mortgages he's supposed to be regulating, fails to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars of assets on financial disclosure statements, fraudulently and illegally keeps rent controlled apartments in New York City, and cheats on his taxes. No response from Democratic leaders.

Actions speak louder than words, and the Democrats are shouting "corruption" right now.


Mr. D said...

Good post, BB. Really good. Have linked over at my place.

Night Writer said...

As I recall, Republican senator Dave Durenberger was censured by the Congress for his real estate shading back in the day, though I think his transgressions were related to how he reported the use of his residences in D.C. and Minnesota; there's probably more there but it's been quite a few years. Rangel's activities seem to be on a larger scale. Let's see what happens.