Friday, August 14, 2009

What do you notice?

Take a look here. It apparently is a bus leaving a "town hall" meeting filled with supporters of the Health Care Deform Bill, HR 3200. Now we know already that these people are bused in, that they are paid to protest, and that they're from government employee unions, by and large.

What else? Look closely; they are riding a school bus. So we have government employees in government unions using government property (the school buses) to get to protests to advocate government run health care.

If you wonder why it's hard to prevent government from further encroaching upon our rights and liberties, take another look at the picture. The "change" we have no is apparently that we will no longer have a level playing field in debate, and TOTUS is apparently failing to tell the President that this is a monstrous breach of ethics on many levels.

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Gino said...

its called 'Government as special interest'.

had it CA for yrs.