Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some people are getting it,

and they're not even people I usually tend to agree with. First off, John Mackey of Whole Foods(which does not sell aragula in Iowa) gives a list of decent ideas for reforming the way we do healthcare. Next, Nat Hentoff (who probably voted for Pres. Blago) notes that this is the first White House that he has actually feared. Given that the list of Presidents he's seen includes Nixon, and the list of people he's dealt with include J. Edgar Hoover (no friend of Greenwich Village), that really says something. Hentoff also details some very real reasons that anyone over 40 ought to fear attempts to implement Castro-Care in full or part.

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Douglas Hester said...

1. I'm going to do my shopping at my local Whole Foods this week. It should be blessedly clear of hippies.

2. Thanks for the Hentoff tip. I've always enjoyed his writing, even though I rarely agree with him.